Wednesday, April 16, 2014

virtual traveler

The virtual traveler sees and interacts with bodies, not minds, and she must be inclined to deny the traditional hierarchy in which we are minds and merely have bodies. 
by Bolter & Grusin
This quote really has me quite confused.

thanks, Buzzfeed

I would argue that a virtual traveler (which I'm taking to mean, someone communicating online) interacts with minds not bodies.  I think this because you do not interact with someone physically online, you interact with what their beliefs and thoughts are.  They can tell you that they have brown hair, or green eyes, but that doesn't really change the interaction you are having.

However, sometimes the sheer amount of people talking (aka social media-ing) online could be considered bodies.  Their personalized thoughts/opinions don't really matter; what matters is the strength that they have in numbers.

So, depending on how personal this interaction is, and with how many people online she/he is communicating with, I would say that a virtual travel can communicate with minds as well as bodies.

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